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The Blue light Outdoor Adventure education program is a Crime Prevention Strategy developed by South Australia Police in partnership with Blue Light (SA) Inc and is focused on building relationships with SAPOL and the community to reduce crime.

Noorla Yo-long is the most advanced life skill adventure training facilities in Australia.  Noorla Yo-Long is facilitated by an onsite Police Officer, who is responsible for facility management and program co-ordination and supported by trained staff and volunteers.

Along with innovative outdoor activities such as high ropes and caving, Noorla Yo-long continues to develop a comprehensive range of proven indoor learning methods which generate a powerful and exciting environment of flexible learning.

Learning methodologies are based around experiential learning, challenged by choice and life coaching concepts.


Noorla Yo-Long adventure activities are based around the practical application of life skills.  Our facilitators use a variety of activities as tools to provide opportunities for participants to develop life skills.  Some of these activities include: co-operative team building games, trust activities, initiative problems and medium and high ropes challenge courses and caving.  

In consultation with our facilitators, adventures and activities are specifically designed to suit the indiviual development needs of the group.  Whether you're a school, business, family, community group or special needs group and/or individual, we tailor an adventure for you.

Learning goals that can be applied to your custom designed adventure include;

  • Personal growth through team building

  • Developing leadership qualities

  • Building trust

  • Effective communication

  • Co-operation and having fun

  • Self-challenge

  • Overcoming self-imposed limitations

  • Creative problem solving

  • Accepting greater responsibility

  • Respecting and valuing differences

  • Being encouraged to "have a go" and learn from mistakes

There are however several important learning goals which every adventure aims to achieve, these include;

  • Providing awareness of crime reduction issues amongst youth participants

  • Increasing participants sense of self-esteem and confidence

  • Increasing effective team skills such as communication, support and trusting others

  • Valuing differences within a group

  • Experiencing and celebrating successes

  • Make memories and have fun!

Learn more information relating to our outdoor adventures below;


Noorla Yo-Long has spacious on site camping facilities; we also work closely with the local community to provide alternative

options for suitable accommodation.  All bookings can be made through Noorla Yo-long.


Our camping facilities include;

  • BBQ

  • Shed

  • Kitchen Area

  • Electricity

  • Camp Fire Facilities

  • Drinking Water

  • Toilet Facilities

  • Bell Tents (sleeps 12 people)

  • Regular Tents (sleeps 6 people)

Noorla Yo-Long is currently looking to expand its accommodation with the near future development of portable & bunk house accommodation.

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