Adventures are designed and facilitated to expose participants to challenging exercises that makes them think about how they interact with others and to develop skills required to better plan and manage their lives.

There are a number of adventures, ranging from 20 ground level activities, 12 high rope courses to 2 cave legs 
 that are specifically designed for personal and team development.

A guide to types of activities, time allocation and number of participants.


Key Objectives:

Time Allocation: 30 mins to 1 hour (per activity)

Max No. of Participants: 120


Key objectives: Overcoming self-imposed limitations and fear, encourages peer support and self-challenge.

Time Allocation: 3-4 Hours

Max No. of Participants: 40



Key objectives: Overcoming self-imposed limitations and fear, encourages peer support, motivation, task commitment,  and building trust between community & SAPOL.

Time Allocation:

Cave 1: "Fox Hole": 1.5 Hours

Cave 2: "Sitting Rock": 2 Hours

Maximum No. of Participants: 5


All activities include briefing and debriefing sessions.


For further information on key objectives and activities, please select from the type of group below that best describes you.

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